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Bais Torah U'Tefilah

BTU has been called a unique Kehilla. If this is true, it is because we have been led since our inception by a unique Rav and Rebbetzin, Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Zupnik.

Rabbi Zupnik is a Rav with an agenda. From the day he arrived, he has energetically pursued his vision of infusing his baalebatim and their families, no matter their background or the extent of their learning, with the values and the priorities of the yeshivishe world. He has taught us, inspired us, davened for us and advised us with exuberant enthusiasm and unbending loyalty to his roots in Slabodka, Baltimore, Lakewood and Eretz Yisroel.

Through the years Rabbi Zupnik has introduced us to his zeide, his rebbeim and his chaverim, and he continues to share with us his constant quest to find new sources of guidance and inspiration, whether in Eretz Yisroel or closer to home. Our magnificent building, the "Yeshivas Bain Ha'Zmanim" and most recently the establishment of an exciting partnership with the Passaic-Clifton Community Kollel night seder are all the result of our Rav taking initiative to build layer upon layer an exciting makom Torah that is our home and community here in Passaic.

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